Build An Online Business And Grow

Continue Your Current Work While learning digital skills

Life is a game, play it!

My story

During the first wave of the corona virus I had to find a way to continue work from home.

For many years I was in car sales, and I realised I couldn’t leave my family unsupported.

I started searching for a way, transforming my offline sales skills into the online world. I had a vision that after I will learn, I could help others in a similar situation to do that as well.

Therefore my first vision was to build an online school.

Eventually I found a school which is already active and a community that is very supportive.

I received free videos from Mike, my mentor, and decided to dive in and start swimming.

Although I am only a few months on the path, I made quite a progress and I’m ready to assist anyone who seeks a way to convert their skills from the offline world into the online world.

Learn how you can start from scratch

Where do I start?

right here, start by watching those videos and we shall continue from there

What if It is too hard?

well, it could be, like any other challenge, however, the community is very supportive and there are many many tools that help you overcome almost anything.

Can this be done while still working “offline” ?

Not only “can be done” but I also recommend it, I also took a job as a real estate broker, so I can work on my vision without pressure


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