Between say and do, crossing the ocean you have to do too.

You can only judge anything by the outcome.

Look at it because its very important, we all say, mostly to ourselves, afterwards to others, alot of staff.

When we say it, most of the times we really mean it, however, most of the times, we are not following our own saying.


The reason is so simple, because we have feelings.

ship, boat, wave

The sea we have to past from say to do is the sea of our feelings.

But don’t get me wrong! , feelings are crucial for doing anything.

If we can compare our essence to a boat, the physical body is the wood/metal of the “body” of the boat, the “mind” or “reason” of the boat is the steering wheel and the feelings is the sail or the canvas.

Look carefully – you could have a perfect body and a perfect steering wheel, but without a sail canvas, even with the strongest wind, your boat won’t go anywhere.

So , again, what is the reason that it is so complicated to achieve our goals and to stand for our words?

The answer is quite simple, its easy to talk, its harder to do.

Maybe after a week something happens and I f e e l I want to do something else ?

Or, I f e e l too tired?

Or, I f e e l I should do something different?


the Goal, the reason and mind, the steering wheel takes charge and setting us to our destiny.

sea, ocean, sunset

I truly trying to improve and focusing my life to be in this manner, when the friends and family, around me, can’t see this, can’t judge me by my actions – I say – so be it!

Stick to the Good energy, Come nearer to the good energy and stay away from the rest.

We got a known rations of energy, given us by the cosmos each and every day, please don’t waste it in vain.

Words from my heart, Tamir.

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