Quality time

hi all, today I would like to talk about our time.

well it’s no secret that during the rat race, when we work 9-5 or even more, we hardly get the time to be with our families and doing the things we really love, like hobbies, relaxing etc.

many times by the end of the day, I used to find myself with minimal energy, just wanting to take a shower and just do nothing.

Now, for the long distance ofcourse, I am taking care of that, balancing between work and pleasure, however, there are many things we CAN do right now.

We can’t add hours to the day but we can change the quality of them.

First I really found useful practicing meditation of relaxing.

So when I have an hour in the morning with my daughters, before school, I can really put my focus on them, making breakfast together, helping choosing outfit and having a nice chat on the way to school WITHOUT the phone.

When I came late from work, I again took some deep breaths before entering home, focusing on my daughters and wife, finding the patience to listen to the day they had, giving love and be there for them, even for just an hour before they go to sleep.

So, for doing that I use simple breathing techinque of 21 round counting 3-3-3.

Eyes closed, sitting calmly, breathing from the nose.

inhale 3, hold in 3, exhale 3, and so on for 21 rounds.

when I finished, I would stay in this calmness , for about 1-2 min, breathing regulary.

Consider trying it for a few days and see what it does, for me it really improved my calmness and also my sleep.

when the house is asleep, I always find myself my small extra time for myself, playing the guitar, painting or reading, investing a bit in myself and getting ready for the next day with some extra leverage and energy.

Quality time with yourself or your family dosen’t have to be long.

It’s much better to really listen to my daughter about her day for 15 mins, then sitting next to her edgy and restless for 2 hours watching a silly movie, not having any patience to her and just waiting for her to go to sleep.

Yours, Tamir leibovich.

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