What makes the difference?

Spending those lockdown days with my family, my thoughts and feelings,By trying my best to find a simple way for reaching out to you.

My elder daughter, Amit, asked me for an aquarium, she wants fish. Aren’t we all swimming in this same fish bowl? year after year…

Well most of us are, however, there is a different way -We can choose our path, either walking what is forced upon us,or,Making a difference by becoming more than who we are now and by that we could help others.

Not only for myself.

For years I searched every nook and cranny and finally,20 days before my 47th birthday, I am pleased to share with you,that I found a place we could make difference! Earning money by helping others rather than using them, Crazy as it sounds. 

Please watch my team video , discussing about our visions, at the bottom.

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